Our Mission
To be a vital expression of
God’s presence in the Adelaide Hills

We aim to present a service that is readily accessible to people in today’s society who come with a wide range of needs.

We uphold the dignity and beauty of the Anglican tradition whilst still addressing the needs of twenty first century Australian society.
We have moved on together with the rest of western society from the world understanding and theology of the 1st and 4th centuries.
To quote eminent UK theologian Martyn Percy: “The Bible did not come down from heaven on a fax”!

21st century Progressive Christianity

The Bible, particularly the New Testament, comes from a real world situation in first the first century middle east but does have a relevant message for 21st century people who live in a very different technological and scientific savvy world.

If this interests you feel free to join us any Sunday morning at 09.30am.

We affirm the primacy of the love of God for all humanity and all creation, and state that it is our intention to understand and accept people for who they are.

It is our preference to live a lifestyle characterised by love and unity and which does not divide or harm.

We acknowledge there are no easy answers to some specific matters, but it is an expression of our collective conscience to prioritise God’s grace and love over and above the influence of any person or organisation that condemns or excludes others.

We desire to be an up to date parish relevant to the people of the 21st century, that is open minded and connected to the communities in which we live.

Please feel free to contact us

Anglican Parish of Norton Summit and Montacute
PO Box 115 Norton Summit SA 5136
Mobile: 0418 808 256
email: rev_john1@bigpond.com


Norton Summit